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I have a freshly broke in Hyper .21 8 port in my LX, big difference over even the strong Force .26 that came in it. I run the stock 14t clutch bell, but I'm thinking of putting a 12t or 13t to use the higher power band better as it's got alot of midrange to topend power right now. I've also heard the Ofna 063 pipe will help the lowend power quite a bit, I'm running the stock black pipe right now. All in all, I'm really amazed at the toughness of these buggies. My friend got one which spurred me to buy one, they're so cheap! I center punched a cinder block at about 40 mph on Saturday, and only knocked the pipe loose at the coupler, that's it! One of my T-Maxxes would've been out of commission!
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