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Cardboard: The two degrees of toe-in in the front is a bad idea, and could certainly be part of your problem. You generally want to run 0* in the front, or slightly toed out.

You also have twice as much droop in the rear as in the front. That means you are transferring more side-to-side weight in the rear, which also means that the front will transfer more quickly than the rear, which could lead to understeer. Try 2mm/2mm or 3mm/2mm and see if you can notice a difference. I run my Losi with 2mm in the front and 1.5mm in the back on foams.

Your spring stagger is really odd as well. Generally you will want both sides to be somewhat stiff with foams, even on a lower traction surface. When you say you're running an orange spring, make sure it's the correct one -- there are two different Losi orange springs, one is really stiff and one is really light. I would try running Purple front, Dark Green or Blue rear (as referenced here:

Finally, running a 24mm tire in the front and a 26mm tire in the rear could be part of the problem. That will increase your rear bite, which is not what you want if you are understeering.

You also want to run the battery placed to the front. Always.
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