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Default Re: New Engine or Rebuild - GS15R

Originally posted by dazza
Hi All,
Just after some thoughts, I have a V-One SII, 4 weeks old and about 10 hours running time. It all went bang today at the local basketball courts. Broken conrod, seems like the crank is bent and the piston has a broken skirt. Not real sure what went wrong, I thought I ran it in well, all seemed fine. It was doing about 3/4 throttle in second gear when it ran out of fuel, not sure if that is the cause. Could it be a warranty claim?

I was wondering if I should rebuild it, at a cost of about $50US or buy a new engine. I dont have a lot to spend.

What do you recommend?

so far i would recomment a rebuild thats piston, lining and conrod. but im a newbie so just wait for some more advice as a experienced VoneS driver will tell you what went wrong! but of course i believe when driving on a basketball court things dont last that long as your constantly reving it up and down the court! how many tanks did you run the engine it?
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