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Originally Posted by BrodieMan View Post
The drive pulleys fit together quite tightly, maybe you don't the hub completely pushed in?? I used a hex driver to line up the holes when putting them together so the holes lined up then threaded the screws 3/4 down. Then I squeezed them together all the way together with fingers. Might be that the holes aren't lined up perfectly and not allowing you to fully tighten the screws??? I agree about the QC for this kit, maybe that's why they are selling them at such a reduced price now??
no they are all the way in, and all lined up properly
Originally Posted by padailey View Post
Hmmm I have a IP3800 in mine. Screws were not an issue but there were some nubs I had to knock off the battery side of the pulley so it would not rub.
the screws are only raised about 0.5mm higher than it should, I'm going to get the dremel out and shave off the heads until flat. Just a pain to having to dremel ANY new kit. Should fit together without any hassles!
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