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Originally Posted by Scottrik View Post
So if I was to join your forum and put "" in MY signature would I be in violation of your rule #7:

"7. NO spam or advertising other sites, only forum sponsors have that privledge, all others will have their posts deleted."

Not that anyone would actually SEE it, mind you, but just curious if what's good for the goose might not, indeed, be good for the gander.
nope, i encourage people to use other forums to help spread info in regards to our hobby, rule 7 anythign not related to any of the hobbies i have on my site (r/c model kits, trains, etc) is considered spam advertising is in reference to those wishing to post COMMERCIAL advertisements and links to their business sites like their hobbyshop or online e-tailer. commercial advertisements are only allowed my forum sponsors and only in their dedicated area which helps keep the discussion areas and marketplace clean.

any other questions feel free to ask and i will be glad to answer them

by the way glad you brought it up i was meanign to take another look at the rules and make some changes and now i know i need to reword rule number 7, thanks bro i appreciate it.
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