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Originally Posted by inferno13 View Post
well if it doesent get deleted, that just tells you that you cant go by feedback around here! gets worse here every day
Originally Posted by 440swinger-kid View Post
Agreed it is a circus here now.... seems like they enjoy the scams and games around here.... I'd just ban them but I am not a high powered figure around here
Originally Posted by lordraptor1 View Post
well i cant ban them here but i could on my forum (to bad i dont have many members yet but hopefully i will get some coming in soon )
So why do ya'll keep coming back, day after day, if it sucks so badly? No one is barring the door--you're free to leave any ol' time you please.

The reason they don't do "blanket bans" has been discussed ad-nauseum. If you don't understand (or choose not to understand) that the great great great majority of internet users don't have static IP's then that's on you.

That said, some folks seem to be MAGNETS for "bad deals". Like, say, a couple of the folks discussing this deal here. It's almost like they go looking for them. I think I can count on two fingers the number of "bad deals" I've had in something like 250-ish total transactions on RC Tech, and neither of those deals was fatally flawed. Guess it's the water.
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