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Originally posted by jwf_frani
anyupdates if this Kenchoco guy finally gave Ron his
money back.

Ron you are a very patient guy. This guy seems full of it
you should just file a complaint with the authorities. I mean
this guy is making you work hard to get your own money back
Not yet...

He finally called and is insisting on a payment plan ($100 a week).
Just to get things over and done with, I said okay at first.
And I asked him to mail out post dated checks. He first
said ok but later said that he does not have a checking
account and the wife would not issue a check in his behalf
because she is mad at him. He said his parents and friends
would not vouch for him either.

I mainly wanted him to send me one package with all the
checks because I honestly would like to end dealing with him.
And I am concerned that I would have to call him to follow up each
time the next check would be dalayed or something like that. It
would then be another charade of phone tagging and/or short
PMs asking to wait. That is what has been happening all
thru out this stupid ordeal. And I am not doing it again!

After pulling teeth with him over the phone, he finally insisted
that he wont be able to send me Post Dated Checks and would
just send out Money Orders per week, starting next week.

As far as I am concerned, I have done what needs to be done.
I have taken all the advices given to me and its now on-going.
If he sends all those money orders, then well and good. But if
not, it will only be a matter of time before the law would make
him pay for what he has done.

Either way, HE WILL PAY!!!
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