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I am the one wiht the paypal account this guy is trying to get money
Funny thing is that he Said in Paypal He didn't know who Mike was I will post that up soon
Another funny thing is I was the one that sold the transponder to Mike and I raced with him all summer and Sorry Mike to say this publicly But he sucks as a driver in some class so it was never ran I know that
I asked this kid which transponder it was because I had no idea Now to find out it was one of the new ones I sold Mike

Now the great part is paypal posted this
Not as described - Claim - #PP-001-108-612-792
Disputed Amount:

* $86.00 USD

Your buyer has reported a problem with this transaction. At this time, we're deferring our investigation of this case, and you do not have to refund the buyer.

What happens next

If we decide to reopen this case at a later date, we'll contact you to learn more about this transaction.
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