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Originally Posted by TAorama View Post
Guys, I realize this is a stupid noob question, but that never stopped me before.

Can you explain to me WHY you would run specific front axles for different tracks? I searched and found a lot of setups listing WHAT people ran, but not necessarily WHY. I assume in most cases people run a diff in the back, but if you have a reason for running something else, please let me know!

For example, apparently spool is the way to go in front for an asphalt/rubber track, which is what I plan to run primarily. How is having basically a solid axle an advantage over a diff? Is it for better braking? I would think it would cause oversteer when accelerating and exiting curves. I get the more power to the tires part, but don't you get slippage for one tire because it's a SOLID axle??

Why run a one-way? That would give the power of a spool, but no braking up front, right?

Just trying to get my mind around it. Please be gentle... (and speak slowly and use small words!!)
You need the XXX Main RC Chassis set up book and the Hudy manual. It not only answers all of your questions, but the XXX Main book has a perfect flowchart for troubleshooting and correcting handling issues. Best $$$ on set up you'll ever spend.

Originally Posted by Tbizz View Post
Any idea why there wouldn't be a manual online for the TC5 on AE's website? Is it a modified TC4 so everything else is the same?

Nevermind! As I was typing this I tried typing in tc5 into the adress and it got me there.

Here's the link:
AE is on a campaign to clean up their web page. You'll find the old models under the "Discontinued" tab on the lower left
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