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Does anybody just want to race and have fun anymore.....

all problems in on-road eletric r/c cars are fixed at the source....LOCAL TRACKS...its the easy fix that keeps getting moved around .....

start at the local track.....have the race dir, contact other tracks in your region and come up with a set of rules that you all can agree on...same esc or very similar....that will set the tone for other regions to get on a very similar page...this will attract the big promoters to look at what the locals are doing in the area that they are having a big/national race at...the big promo will adapt the rules into the race due to the fact he will need local support to pull the race off...once the big promo is booking these rules the r/c co. will see what is run at these big races and will make adjustments as it will be in demand for this product....

and if you dont think it doesnt work...look at the full circle of esc...LRP SPX(to, was the kick-off to the extreme high timming esc's...and every co. out there went to work on boost/turbo/time there next speedo or software...then the complaining started with the entry to TC 17.5 stock reaching mod speeds....and now once again every co. across the world has a NON adv esc....

we the local racers controll the r/c world...its up to us to put a end to the "dying" of on-road racing....somebody along the way said enough is enough...and things changed...if every track/club all ran a similar esc that has been tested regaudless of brand, you would see a spike in newbies to the scene....

talk to your club members,race director,other clubs, and even big promoters and tell them what is going on with your r/c world and what can be done to fix it.....

give me 3 TC classes and Im good....VTA,TC/RCGT/Sportsman, & OPEN TC

All of this can be fixed, its just to up us to fix it...
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