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Originally Posted by tc3team View Post
I've raced for 15 years, had 3 sponsorships (2 still active) and currently have a trf415msxx and a ta05, so yes i'm aware of the grade of cars we race with, but the saying highlights how seriously (bordering on too seriously?) how some people take the hobby - not everyone into r/c will be.

You have to have a need to race, or there is no point in doing it.

All i'm highlighting is be realistic

Understand where your limits are - i've done what i've wanted to in this hobby, I have nothing else to prove to myself, or others. There is a point where you will cut yourself off at, wether it be at going to the bigger events, ones far away from your home town, or the cost -or all of those.

i'd never tell anyone to sell up - but if they are not enjoying it, i'd tell them to ask themselves why, because no one comes back for a second punch in the face unless they feel they have a chance of "winning" what they want from the hobby.

Yeah true... your right but I must say if you have proved everything to yourself and you cant do anything else great.... But look at all the top drivers that go to the worlds and all over the world to race.... Hara is at the top of his game most of the time but yet he still goes and races all the time.. He has sponsorship from what all the companies you can think of so it doesnt cost him anything yet he still wins and still comes 2nd. What else would he have to prove to himself or anyone else when he has already done it all besides winning everything year in year out. ????
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