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Originally Posted by DaveW View Post
How bad do you wanna win?
Since seeing the amount some people spend on a hobby for one meeting and putting with it the biggest r/c quote known to many "we're racing toy cars for bowling trophies" I don't really have much of a desire to win.

I have more of a desire to meet new people or chat to the ones I know, the racing itself is just a background thing that I either do well at, or do not.

If you're happy spending money on the hobby cool, if you're not and can't keep up, either keep learning and accept you're not as fast as you would like to be, find a class thats better for you, or sell up.

(That's not directed at anyone in particular btw!)

That's what I like about this hobby - you can smile at it from any angle.

You can win with a cheaper car and smile at the guys who run more expensive stuff, or you can smile that you just enjoy the hobby at your own level of expense and gratitude...

If you ask yourself often why am I into r/c and see no good answer(s), it's not for you.

Sooner or later that question is asked by anyone into r/c.
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