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Originally Posted by ssuga20 View Post

I have a question for you. Some of the local racers here just returned from the Hank Perry Race in Spokane and they were informed from more than one Pro racer to not touch the flywheel to shut the engine off. They were told that method is hard on the rod. I'm not trying to start anything here, but that doesn't sound logical about the rod IMO. These guys were told to cover the exhaust pipe stinger to shut the engine off is a better method. I know that can cause a hydraulic lock in the cylinder and dissagree with this method. Am I wrong?

What is your opinion and reasons? Thank you for your time.
That's nonsense. Plugging the exhaust is the worst way to shut down the engine. It causes pressure to build up in the exhaust system, which then increases the pressure in the fuel tank via the pressure line, then it floods the engine. If the engine is tuned well and idles down properly, a light touch on the flywheel WHILE WEARING A GLOVE or with a screwdriver handle is the best way to stop the engine. My second choice is to pinch the fuel line. There's NO harm that will come to the engine (you might hear that from a couple internet engineers) and it keeps excess fuel from entering into the engine. I'd be interested to know which "pro" is suggesting plugging the exhaust because it's the least desirable way to stop the engine. It doesn't cause any harm, but it makes the engine hard to start and, if you shut the engine down at the end of the day using that method, it will leave excess fuel in the crankcase, which may lead to corrosion.
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