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Default Fire and Smoke

Originally Posted by rcannon409 View Post
I had this same thing happen as well. Novak had a new one in my hands within a week. No idea what caused it.
Had exactly the same happen to my first one. I had done 2 practice runs, temps all fine. 2 minutes into 1st race lots of smoke and flames. 1 melted Kinetic, 1 melted receiver, and 1 very smelly car.

Am now on my second and so far so good. Has survived 6 full runs and 1 final.

After the first one I have been fairly conservative with my settings and gearing but now would like to find a bit more speed. Have tried the Ballistic 13.5 and also the X12 13.5. Does anyone have a good setup for either of these motors. Track has a 45 metre straight and fast sweeper then a fairly technical infield.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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