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Ive been there and tho i have not raced on the track, I did find my way there (wife had no clue there was RC there, YES, my D-RC people - I have been) That was a awesome venue.

I dont see how people who never been, watched some PRACTICE of TOYS cars on DIRT, complain that the track was not good. If people really understood A GOOD track is not easy. Most people here in the US dont know of a good track. Even the Worlds 2008 in US was more of a technical layout. Remember just cause you cant see it on a 4 inch computer screen does not make it weak. In the US we are use to being able to fly around 80% of the track at WOT. Looks like they tried to accomplish both styles Euro and US in one track..... I think Worlds are going to be dialed.
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