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Default Whoop!

I'm finally getting there after a number of set backs.

I'm running a GM 10.5 in a WCE Cyclone on a
track with a fairly long straight and tight infiled and used the following:

FDR 7.03
Timing 55
Start RPM 7000
End RPM 25000
No Boost

I was struggling for grip on old tyres (not a problem before as there wasn't as much speed!) and was over shooting apex's. But even having never completed 1 lap that I was truly happy with, my fastest lap was only a 10th shy of my fastest ever and I did more of them!

Once I fit a new pair of tyres and get used to the extra speed I can feel my 19 lapper drawing closer

Awesome performance and the motor never got hotter than 62*C!!

If anything, the car was a little sluggish out of the corners and when accelerating hard compared to the top speed by the end of the straight. I think my next step is to go down 1 pinon to 7.24 FDR and maybe up the start RPM to 8500 incase this is bogging the motor down.

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