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Team Associated, the exclusive North American distributor for LRP Electronics products, would like to clarify the LRP "Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy" for all LRP products, including their digital speed controls.
LRP introduced this policy as LRP's "Lifetime Warranty" program. After careful review, it became apparent that the policy should have been called a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" program, as there are certain conditions which must be met in order to fully realize the benefits of this new policy.

The LRP "Limited Lifetime Warranty" fully protects any owner of a new, registered LRP speed control for 90 days from the date of purchase. After 90 days, some small service charges may be incurred by the consumer. However, these charges are usually minimal, and are much less expensive than purchasing a new replacement speed control.

The LRP "Limited Lifetime Warranty" program is best described as a "lifetime" extension of their existing conditional warranty program, which has helped LRP become one of the most popularóand winningólines of racing electronics in the world.
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