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Originally Posted by SocalSnakeEyes View Post
I want to see the one the factory guys run.
Several "factory" guys are already running the truck and have been for some time now. I can guarantee that by the time the truck is released for sale there will be a laundry list of team driver setups available to the public.

Pictures of Casey's truck have already been posted:

New Components:
Bumpers F,R
Chassis with Nerfs, Servo brace, Battery Strap
CR-Style Arms (5mm shorter than CR), will accommodate VLA
Reinforced T-plate
12mm Wheel Hexes in Rear
Wheels (very different from the Strike)
Front Axles
Adjustable Body Mounts (obviously)

It's very,very competitive out-of-the-box (made me look good going around the track), but I'll let Casey and others speak to it's track prowess.

It's not a race kit, but a lot of work went into this truck to make it race-worthy. I think it will surprise you.


Keith H

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