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Originally Posted by Robert R View Post
If rules are going to be enforced then It should be same all time from to you sign up to the end. We can not just pick & choose which rule we are going to enforce or who is in violation. This is were we set up selfs for failure.
You are right that if a rule is going to be enforced, it should be enforced on all people fairly and evenly for the entire event.

I think we can pick and choose which rules are enforced and how they are enforced depending on the event and the specific situations as long as what I said initially is stays true.

We can definitely decide who is in violation and who is not... once again as long as it is applied evenly to all participants.

Some rules have the possibility of a warning, others have the possibility of suspension. Some are more significant than others thereby warranting more stringent enforcement.

My votes are cast.

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