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Originally Posted by Robert R View Post
If rules are going to be enforced then It should be same all time from to you sign up to the end. We can not just pick & choose which rule we are going to enforce or who is in violation. This is were we set up selfs for failure.
I agree with you Robert... But as with any auto racing new developments in technology dictate the rules sometimes and sometimes things need adjusting...

And I have not met anyone ever that doesn't stand firm that rules are rules and they should be enforced no matter what.... I got DQ'd from a race a few years ago for trimming about 1/8" inch corner off a number so that it didn't interfere with a shock... The rules said "No trimming numbers" (That rule has been adjusted since then because lap counting systems are a permanent feature just about everywhere now and also required for ROAR Nationals.) I said "I didn't trim the number, I trimmed the body, the number got in the way, "

(My wife dq'd me for that as she was the ROAR official at the race, )

True Story!

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