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Originally Posted by jiml View Post
Any time you have a competition, you need rules. ROAR has for some time been trying to come up with rules that make it fair to everyone and make some sense. The problem has been if you show the rules to one group of racers they will love them and race by them. Then you show them to another group and they're like what the heck, who thinks this stuff up? After which you of course have your 50+ treads here on RC Tech saying how stupid the rules are and how much ROAR sucks.

Personally I don't think the president should be involved with rules making. There should be a separate committee working on that. The president's job should be, like you said, to try and grow the hobby.

Oh, and the basher to racer index is more like 100 to 1.
I agree with this.

Originally Posted by SteveP View Post
Steve, I agree. The established classes, especially those that are under the umbrella of IFMAR competition, are well-established and won't benefit from change for the sake of change. These classes have had many years for the rules to sort themselves out, so I wouldn't advocate any changes. Other than addressing new developments in the class that may conflict with existing rules, I think ROAR's time is better spent addressing and refining the developing categories, especially those that will attract newcomers.

I agree with your sentiment about the rules - I much prefer to just show up and race without having to put your car through a gauntlet of rigs and gigs. Nobody enjoys that part of racing, especially at the Nationals, but were all suddenly much more fond of the rules when someone else is breaking them. ;o)
I know we need rules, but I dont like to see therules constantly being messed with, I know that in other classes is more complicated, though. I dont mind teching my car either, I think thats part of any motorsport.

Originally Posted by Team Kamikaze View Post
If "Fuel on-road does not use qual points" then what system was used in this years On Road Nationals in Nebraska as well as last year in Ohio and previous years in Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Maryland etc..? I'm Lost!
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