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Originally Posted by jiml View Post
Any time you have a competition, you need rules. ROAR has for some time been trying to come up with rules that make it fair to everyone and make some sense. The problem has been if you show the rules to one group of racers they will love them and race by them. Then you show them to another group and they're like what the heck, who thinks this stuff up? After which you of course have your 50+ treads here on RC Tech saying how stupid the rules are and how much ROAR sucks.

Personally I don't think the president should be involved with rules making. There should be a separate committee working on that. The president's job should be, like you said, to try and grow the hobby.

Oh, and the basher to racer index is more like 100 to 1.
Jim, it sounds like you've been at this a while. LOL Rules are necessary and sometimes it's not apparent to everyone. The job is a tough one and ROAR relies on its many dedicated volunteers to make everything happen, so it's not always as fast as we'd like because everyone's time is split between ROAR and their daily lives. I think better communication will help to alleviate some of the vitriol that results from some of the rule proposals. At the suggestion of someone who I've known for a long time in the business, I think it's worthwhile to consider posting proposals on the ROAR forum (see more below) for member feedback prior to calling an ExCom vote. If nothing else, it will help to explain some of the background behind the various proposals, which might help clear up some of the confusion. Even that may not allay the fears, criticism and rhetoric of some, but better communication between ROAR and the members will almost certainly help to create a better understanding.

At Dawn's request, I've been working on installing forums on the ROAR site. They're already up and functional, but they're not open for members yet while we're trying to sort out the verification of the members. I'm working towards opening it up to members for the aforementioned purpose.
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