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Originally Posted by spongerX View Post
My diffs have a bit of play with the recommended 1 shim per side as well. Not as much as 1mm though.

As for the tight belts did the previous owner run mod? They might have been tight to stop the belts skipping with a high power motor. If you're running a higher turn motor just adjust the cams so the belt is looser. I run mine fairly loose with a 13.5.

Okay, thanks. I busted out the calipers last night and checked everything, and it all seems to line up. There is in fact play in both diffs, I just couldnt tell because of the belt tension. It's also not quite a mm, maybe half a mm. I will just leave it.

Regarding belt tension, I don't know what the previous owner ran it in, but it probably was mod. I'll loosen them up a bit. Thanks.

Oh, and while I'm at it, is there some sort of master guide to setting this thing up? There are so many adjustments on this car, and I don't know what some of them do..
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