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Originally Posted by Kuttermax View Post
Strange problem today with a new Tekin RS I just dropped into my 1/10 Kyosho RB5 buggy with Novak Ballistic 13.5.

I set it up fully sensored with TP3 default. 25 drag brake, 10 neutral point, brakes 80. Kopropo radio - mostly at defaults. I dialed the Novak endbell back to 15 degrees from the stock 30, with the goal to get more low end before boost kicks in at a little of 5k rpm.

With this setup the car felt very slow. There was very little punch, which made jumping tough. In fact one person sailed high above me before landing right on top of me and snapping his chassis in half.

I took my car off the track after the qualifier and blipped the throttle a few times and you could tell power was way down. I had left reversed on (with delay). Interestingly when I blipped reverse I had tons of power - so only forward was affected.

With Kopropo radios, the throttle is by default set to "reverse". I switched to normal to see if this was the problem, but then it would not allow me to calibrate the speed control, so i went back to the "reverse" setting.

I msg'd Randy already, but wondering if anyone else has an idea? I'm going to re-solder connects, try a different motor, and if this fails, likely send RS to Tekin to look at.

Any thoughts?
Try adding the motor timing back in. I personally feel that lower timing takes away from the motors all around power. Top end and out of the corner rip seems to be increased when I turn the motor timing up,
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