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Originally Posted by ghiro View Post
Got one last week,drying paint now and using it tomorrow for the first time.
I also have an R14 ARR version and very happy about it,so happy i've decided to get the F1 .
I got it with a friend and tomorrow we will test both cars for the first time.
Can't wait to go to the track. I was wandering if there's a way to get some foam tires orut of some other cars ,anyone of you guys have tried to see if there's something compatible with the stock rims or some rims & foam tires to use with this car?
If you are in the UK then the MARDAVE foams go straight onto the dish wheels that you can get from carisma for the car. If you are in the states then i'm not sure you will know what a MARDAVE is so i'm not sure what you could use.
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