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Our new Ballistic motors---both 540s and 550s---are completely rebuildable and the service components are always available. The ability to make all minor motor repairs yourself, saves motor trips back to the factory.

Our TeamNovak web site has a lot of information on our motors and other racing products and accessories.

Originally Posted by mdowney View Post
I've been running LRP motors in most of my kits because they're what I first started with, on the recommendation of one of the AE team drivers. Since then I have also run Tekin and Fantom motors. Honestly, I can't tell the difference. They're all around the same process and all seem to have the same features. I only bought the Tekin because it was cheaper when bundled with an RS Pro that I run in my touring car (great ESC) and I picked up the Fantom at a hobby shop when I needed to run 17.5 and it was the only one in stock.

Picking an ESC seems a lot easier to me - but how does one decide which motor to buy, other than just going with the same make as your ESC?

(hint: magazine editors - this would be a good topic for you to tackle, if you haven't already)

EDIT: just realized that I should have posted this in the "Radio and Electronics" forum. Oops! Moderators, feel free to move it for me.
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