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Originally posted by JayBee
whats so special about the Reedy Kr or Pt 10x2?
Cobra, whats wrong with the other 3 motors that i mentioned?

what should i expect for brush and comm life on these two motors?
and being new to the hobby doesn't deter me from getting some of the hottest gear on the market otherwise sticking with Wal-mart, K-mart, Target and stores of the like would be sufficient but guess what--it's not for me.
Cobra and others, you all seem like really knowlegeable and cool dudes so thanx for all your continued help & 2-cents.
It's just that they're very good quality, you can't go wrong with them. For Orion, I'm not really enthousiast, the Core had nothing exceptional, and the V2 have no advantage over let say a Pt or a Ti with CS brushes, which lasts more than 50 runs and require skimming about every 15 runs...

Besides with the V2 you don't have any choice than using their brushes now, and I don't like this.
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