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Originally Posted by Stubbs View Post
Actually, this is a bit backwards. The best bet is to use the tire & compound that most of the "fast guys" are running, then dial in a set up on your truck that you feel comfortable with. At that point, without changing the set up, try different brands, treads, or compounds, so you can see what effect each has on the truck.

If you go bouncing all around trying to dial in tire choice, and chassis set up, you'll go crazy. Chances are, the fast guys already know what tire works best at that track, so it's a really good place to start.

Ask around in the pits. I've let folks try out a set of my tires for practice or in a qualifer to see how they liked them. It'll save you the cost of buying a set that may not work at all for your truck or driving style.
good point. I was told the track at the southern nats would be packed clay and would groove up. I spent my tire money on a couple sets of hole shots, gridirons and revolvers. When i got to the track is was mixed heavily with sand

nothing but calibers from there on out. And tires make or break you faster then any other thing. Heck a bad tune on a engine you could still get by with if your car is totally hooked up.
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