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Originally Posted by Granpa View Post
Like all hypothetical questions, the one you set up, was done to give a certain answer. You wouldn't have that wide a variation in amp draw and motor #2 drawing 1.3 amps is what you'll see in a decent stock motor. Motor #1 has something dragging, but could be a "great" by working on the bushings or running in a bit longer to get the amp draw down. Also, if the amp draw readings were "flash" readings those are not reliable. You'll find that if the motor is run for, say 20-30 seconds, the amp draw will be lower and will have settled down.

So after all that, I'd pick motor #1. Besides, driver feel is probably the most inaccurate way of judging motor performance in existence. Lap times are the only reliable way to track test a motor. You have to have a 500 rpm difference in motors before you see much of a difference on the track.

I use a MuchMore tester for stock motors as I haven't found that using my Fantom dyno is worth the effort for box stock motors. At least you're not using the Integy which can give good readings, but is damn near impossible to use consistantly.

Ok thanks Granpa.. I have been mainly using my motors with hi amps thinking they were better (using them in TC not mini).. I will give the motors with a lower amp reading a go... there are a heap of them in my draw as I thought they were not as good as my motors with higher amp readings.

One thing I notice with the motors that have a higher amp reading is they drop off allot faster then the motors with a lower amp pull.. but they do seem faster for the 1st half of the race..

Question when you run in your motors is that what you aim for.. a lower amp draw? I am a bit of a novice with 540's.. but if the motor is clean would stronger magnets mean higher amps? Or can't you tell if a motor has good magnets this way?

My 4 hole motor which has allot of top end not much torque and has an amp reading of 1.2 @ 7.2.. thats kinda why I thought hi amp more torque.

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