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Originally Posted by woodys3b View Post

I'd go with the Novak system. You don't need anything to program it with. You just press buttons on it. I cannot confirm that it'll fit but I'd be surprised if it doesn't. Measure your car and compare with the specs on the speedo. I feel obliged to tell you that you are going to have your hands full with this setup. Mine is plenty fast with a 21.5. A 17.5 is almost more than I can handle and I wouldn't even consider a 13.5. I know you want to race with guys that are running 13.5 but you will probably be faster with a 17.5. I know I would. You can use a 17.5 or 21.5 in lots of other classes too and they have higher resale value because of this.

Ok, I feel better now. You go buy what you want. Just go easy on the trigger.
Thank you sir!
I'm still going to start with the silver can, I was looking at all the systems that the speedos worked with brushed.
I was watching them race the 13.5 and I know that's way too much for me. I just want the 13.5 motor/speedo combo so I can switch over without needing to spend more money than needed. There's just nowhere that I know of to race(within reasonable travel distance) that has any slower classes than 13.5 around Albuquerque NM.

I will deffinitly keep researching, and look for a 17.5, maybe look for one on ebay so I could move up to that before the 13.5
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