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Originally Posted by SlowerOne View Post
Once they want to go faster, they switch to a profile from the Tekin website and they have more power - at no cost! No motor to buy, no new speedo, nothing!
But we all know that the new ones will always want to start out fast.
I love to play around with timing and such, but I also look back with joy on when we all ran SPX's and the speed were almost identical. Those were the days. It was about the car setup and keeping up the speed through the corners.

I don't think this thread is the right place to discuss this, but here is my opinion:

Instead of having a stock (21.5T) and a superstock (17.5T) (these classes are from Denmark), I think it should be stock (17.5T no-boost - ROAR Timing-0) and superstock (17.5T boosted).

This way you don't have to buy a new motor, when switching class. And if you buy a decent ESC to start with (Tekin ) you don't even have to buy a new ESC.
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