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I had a 4-hole do that, and it became the best damn motor I've ever had.

To keep it from sliding around I put a motor bearing on the shaft, and it had enough pressure on the shaft to keep it from sliding. Keeps things from binding as well if it's hit, as it'll just spin on the shaft.

Perfect for running Mini if you forgot to bring your pinion guide, it's just 1mm short of where the pinion goes

Originally Posted by rccardr View Post
Silver cans do that when you slap the wall with the left side of the car. In an F1 it can take a remarkably slight impact to completely mess up the armature, due to the way the motor mounts in the rear pod.

What happens is that the phenolic resin washer at the top of the comm will either shatter or compress, and/or the driveshaft itself will migrate up the stack.

Best way to keep this from happening (except for avoiding the lefty slap) is to place a small spacer (or a stack of motor washers) on the driveshaft between the pinion and the motor snout. Leave just enough room for the pinion/shaft to rotate freely. If you hit the wall you might move the magnets (in itself not necessarily a bad thing) but the shaft will remain in place relative to the rest of the motor.

Keep motor temp under 180 and you will be fine.
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