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Originally Posted by jmaxey51 View Post
i used to have one that was 133 and it work just fine until i got faster (top three in sportsman) i went to the 7955 and was faster (started getting top 3 in pro buggy/truggy), you are loosing so much time with bump steer its not even funny, trust me you need over 250 in buggy and over 300 in truggy def on a high bite track. my 333 oz isnt really cutting it anymore. i run 250+ oz/in on my throttle break even now to get that thing stopped, the stronger the better IMO.

i get you i ran pretty good in sportsman buggy if i dint crash .
yea my, hitec 7954sh has plently of torque for my steering on the truggy.
its diffrent driving styles so everybody has a diffrent opinion.

to me honest, i dint notice bump steer when i ran buggy maybe because the track i was on was so rutty lol.
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