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Originally Posted by BoneCrusher View Post
Shawn was a nice guy!

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I have 528 Stock loaded on the 2.1 Prostock and it works great. As I understand it I would have to load up via computer to use 508 No Timing Software. Anyone know anything in the works where I don't need to do that and just use the LCD program box OR a push of a few buttons OR just setting everything to '1' on the ESC and then the ESC would just keep blinking to prove its in stock mode?

Anyone tried setting #9, #12, #13, #14, #15 to '1' and it drives equal to stock? Also, what gearing would you use in a V3 without timing?
You can make Stock Firmware behave like No Timing by turned off SuperCharge #12(1) OFF, and DMTS/AMTS #9(0.00 )

Originally Posted by BoneCrusher View Post
Would just like to run 2 classes (no timing and timing allowed) without lugging a round a laptop or changing the ESC. Basically make it like the Tekin so when you set it to Custom Profile #1, it blinks proving your in on timing mode.

Any info would be much appreciated,

but will not proving with Blink's. Can be Proving by LCD Pro.
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