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For the sake of argument and because it just seems counterintuitive to me, what's the point of using a ball diff if you are going to crank it down to the point that it acts like a limited slip diff? A ball diff is designed to do just the opposite of what you are trying to get it to do. The thrust bearing is failing because you are overloading it. Same can be said about the bolt/nut.

I read on other threads where touring car guys are using the new Spec R gear diff on the front to get the same effect that you guys are trying to get. They are replacing a ball diff with a gear diff and you guys are replacing a gear diff with a ball diff. I think we all agree that a limited slip effect is better for getting the power to the ground getting out of the turns. It just seems to me that a gear diff is more suitable for this than a ball diff.

My OEM gear diff with two shims and a little AW grease is very smooth and yet has a very good limited slip action. Turning one wheel will spin the motor rather than the other wheel. It's also as reliable as a hammer.
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