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Default MyRCBox.com reviewed our MiniQLO Rock Crawler!

Wow! Mr. Sylvain Lafrance from MyRCBox.com has just wrote a review “The big little crawler!” about our MiniQLO Rock Crawler:

“Don’t let the size of the RCTrax MiniQLO fools you. It performs like a real rock crawler. The truck is robust and will resist many crashes and abuses. A full line of aluminum parts and hopups are available. The RCTrax MiniQLO is not a toy, it is a real hobby quality rock crawler. If you keep in mind the size of the MiniQLO, you’ll be amazed by its capabilities indoor or outdoor.”

Don’t wait! Now click the below links to buy this amazing little crawler @ rcMart!
RED Crawler
ORANGE Crawler
GREEN Crawler
WHITE Crawler

You can also click the below links to buy our Crawler in TUBER Type:
RED Crawler in TUBER Type
ORANGE Crawler in TUBER Type
GREEN Crawler in TUBER Type
WHITE Crawler in TUBER Type

Click HERE to read “The big little crawler” full review
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