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Originally Posted by dsl View Post
No it really wasn't funny. It might seem funny to you but this is an example of racial profiling however small it may seem to others. You might be a small % Mexican, but the reality is you probably don't look like you are and won't have to put up with BS. This really hit a nerve as I've personally been "racially profiled" and have been arrested in front of my kids, family, and friends, because I supposedly looked like another Mexican who had committed a crime the night before in a city of 2+ million. I had to wait for 2 hours in a cop car until a teller I.D.'d me and said "not even close". By the way I was born in the US and am excercising my freedom of speech... Sorry for being off topic, but I couldn't stay quiet.
Cool I'm exercising my right.... WHO CARES
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