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Originally Posted by radz826 View Post
I was there Sunday at the JBRL an heard about the cars being taken. Talking to a group of guys we started thinking it might be some racers who are stealing the RC stuff, you would'nt think nothing if a racer was carring a car,radio, or pitbag out
yeah but normal jbrl racers are carying and cool and most understand that this hobby is not cheap and care about other peoples stuff. When i went to jbrl to pit for friends i was helping anyone and mashaling during practice. These drivers have trust in people and when stuff like this happens it makes racers not want to run at events because its hard to TRUST fellow drivers. Also if it was a driver it would happen a bit more than once, might not be everytime but im sure it would happen one every other time or so not 2 in one day.
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