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Default Re: Need help with setup diagnosis... ;)

Originally posted by losirob
Sorry for the crosspost. Also posted in "Talkin' to Josh Cyrul."

Here's what's happening:

The car is really planted during right hand turns, but the rear end swings around when turning left, but only about 2 minutes into the race (and keeps swinging out for the remainder of the race during left turns.) Here's what I've checked so far:

Droop is equal right to left in the front and rear.
No bent hinge pins.
No bent shock shafts.
Car is not tweaked according to John Watt's laser tweak board.
Tires are not coming unglued on one side or the other.
Toe and camber are equal right to left.

The only other thing I can figure is that the tires (I'm currently running Take Off 22's) are heating up and getting greasy about 2 minutes into the race. But, if this were the case, why would it only be while turning left? I'm going to switch to 27's this weekend, but I'm not anticipating that this is going to fix the problem.

Any suggestions? I'm about ready to pull my hair out.

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