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Originally Posted by CodeToad View Post
I know this topic probably comes up all the time, but I've searched around and I find conflicting info everywhere, so here is the scoop:

I have an associated TC5 (IR of 2) that I race on a smaller cement track with a 13.5t brushless motor. It currently has 64 pitch gearing, but I'd like to go to 48 pitch since the track I race at tends to have some debris.

Right now it has a 118 spur, and 33 pinion which gives a FDR of 7.15ish. The car seems to be low in top speed compared to the other 13.5 cars.

Any tips for a good starting point for a 48 pitch? I was thinking 85 spur, 24 pinion? (FDR 7.08) Any tips/help would be really appreciated!
FDR of around 7 should be pretty good for a 13.5 with a large amount of timing advance. If you aren't running much timing you could probably go a bit lower.

I run on an asphalt track with over a 100 foot (30 + meter) straight and my FDR is 6.9. I have one of the fastest cars on the straight. I'm using a Tekin RS Pro running vegas 208 and a BOSS (Speed Passion v3) 13.5 motor.

My ESC settings are currently:

Timing boost: 52
RPM range: 3xxx-17xxx
Turbo: 11
Ramp: 2
Delay: .2

My motor is barely even warm after a 6 minute race, so I could probably boost it even more or drop a tooth on the pinion, but it has plenty of speed as is. My settings would probably cook some motors, but my BOSS motor just laughs at it.

How hot is your motor getting right now? what motor and speedo are you using?
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