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Originally Posted by jeff_ellis_9 View Post
well it may be mostly because I havent really messed with it too much. I just leave it the way it is. And Kal, yes, its just for fun. Just like most other people do except for the few that get all serious about it in depth.

mcion has a point. As far as big changes, like diff's, bearings, tire gluing, or any other major work I do in my spare time in my work shop at my house. But at the track its hard to with the time to keep trying different set ups, next thing you know they are calling for the race to start. Get there earlier? Well I can't being as tho I work 3rd shift and get off at like 3 am sometimes.
Yea, but even if you get there earlier, if you go run a few minutes and feel you need to change something like front diff fluid, you gotta clean off the dirt, depending on vehicle pull off the front drive train, pull out the diff, open the diff, change the oil, clean everything before putting it back together and then go test again. By that time more drivers and are practicing and sometimes the stand gets full.
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