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Quick report back now that I've got almost 1-quart of fuel through it. Firstly the OS engine carburets 100% better than the Kyosho did. Idle is stable, at mid-throttle openings it doesn't load up at all even with a rich break-in setting, and it transitions from part to full throttle fantastically. Throttle control is so much more precise. It has at least as much peak power as the Kyosho engine had and even when set a little rich it revs much higher than the Kyosho did. One unexpected surprise is how much quieter the OS engine is than the Kyosho was, even with the same exhaust. Maybe this is because the air filter is thicker and muffles the intake noise better? Overall my initial impression is that the OS engine is improved in every aspect over the Kyosho engine. The Kyosho was a great starter engine, but at least at this point I'm satisfied that the effort to switch to the OS was totally worth the effort!
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