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The way to stop all of this back and forth bickering is just spec the ESC/motor to one brand. Of course, that would mean those that don't have them will have to make another purchase but with everyone running the same ESC/motor, then you will not have squat to argue about. I say this because there is a class of spec nitro racing in Mexico City in which there is one engine choice, the OS 21VG. There is not arguing, debating, rules changing, etc. Either you have that engine in your car to run their spec class or you don't run in that class. Everyone has the same powerplant so tech'ing is easy. They did that because of what you guys are bickering about as far as Tekin vs Black Diamond vs Novak vs LRP vs Speed Passion. Be thankful you have the choice to run what you are comfortable with. When the decision to finally just "spec" it to one ESC and motor, just remember that all the bickering brought it on.
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