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Originally Posted by TeamTekin View Post
I just do not get this either. A hater for what reason? Support foreign OEM products and ban Tekin's designed and manufactured in America products in a US based vintage series. That is just wrong and like putting a Hyundi motor in your Camaro. It is your choice, but do not take the freedom of choice from everyone.

Please give me a real reason that we should specifically be banned from your series. We are all about grass roots racing and helping it continue to succeed. So give us a little insight here as to why we are the bad guys in your mind.

Tekin Prez
Perhaps you might need to think outside the box, literally.

I do think Tekin is the best controller out there!

Sure there are others that boast claims of speeds that seem impossible. Regardless perhaps Tekin needs to create a module that is ran on board to show if the ESC is in V200 or V203 mode or a special "SPEC" mode using a small digital display. So when going through tech, the mode is clear and informative only adjustable through a laptop. Call it a little black box to make Tekin ESC into a open or "Spec" controller, no questions asked.

If you could create something like that the size of a reciever or smaller, it could allow your controller to participate in cost controlled classes as well as limited to open classes. Tamiya Championship Series Trackside race did limit Tekin's to V200 series software in April. Physically then cannot check every ESC, I am some took their chance to fly under the radar so to speak running V203.

Although I have not worked with the SPEC flashing lights, that might be worth looking at for this series.
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