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This has been covered before.

The esc's on the list CAN'T be in any mode other than "standard". No need for tech, no need (or opportunity) to create hard feelings, etc.

The Tekin, by it's nature, is fully adjustable. A good thing for hard-core racing, but not "the thing" for what is being attempted here. Yes, a "spec" profile could be developed but the unfortunate thing is that doing so creates something to be policed. Yes, it would be great if everybody could play nice so there was never a need to ask someone to show you their blinky lights, etc, and in my general experience everybody pretty much DOES play by the rules. Unfortunately there are always those guys who think they got beat by a cheat, so the club is left with having to "challenge" someone who is probably 100% legal.

The advantage, and one I wholeheartedly support, is that spec'ing the non-adjustable esc's takes the question off the table period.

And "taking away freedom of choice" is a non-starter from the get-go. There are ALL kinds of classes where the racer is absolutely free to choose whatever equipment they want. Spec classes existed in one form or another for a LONG time. In this case even with the spec there are choices.
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