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Originally Posted by KWT-NITRO View Post
hey gues,

what's wrong with the search tab??

anyways, i have a small question about charging Lipos, we run a mix of protek 5000 and thunder power 5200 race pack and we always charge them at 5 and 5.2 amps, it takes a lot of time (around 50-55 minutes) to charge them eventhough we don't drain them. we run 6 minutes heats and the charge time is just dead slow.

can we charge at a higher rate?? like 10 amps for example or what shall we do to make the whole charging process go faster??

any help is appreciated

you didn't mention how much the battery took during the charge. charging at 1C, a full charge will take more than 1 hour because the charger backs off on current to not exceed 4.2volts per cell. this adds some time, but i think the real time cost is in the balance algorithm that some chargers use.

you might indicate which charger you are using. myself i found the bantam charger (bc6?) i have to be conservative and little slow in balance charge compared to the orion clubman. funny because now i prefer the clubman which cost 1/3 the price of the bantam.
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