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Originally Posted by marshon50 View Post
My first weekend out w/ the B6 w/ 2057 and extender I got thru a 3 minute warm up and 6 minute qualifier w/o refueling. I wouldn't have made another lap, but this runtime was on a wide open track (Blue Diamond at the Sweeps Challenge) and running rich as I'd just put the first 1/2 gallon thru her. I fully expect mileage to continue to improve as I put a full race tune on her and am not running on a track where you're at WOT for 1/4 of the track!

Yeah most engines real mileage would show at the 2-3 gallon mark, well at least from my experience.

Am just wondering how much mods are in the werks b6 sleeve and crank in comparison to the sirios ?

Looks like a complete revamp.
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