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Originally Posted by bbecker View Post
Failure rate is about 3 Percent... I have order about 100 batteries total from them between me and my buddies...

I've bought and sold over 2 dozen of these packs now. I have one 4 cell that has one cell that won't balence. It's down .2 volts. I use it for practice.

The rest have been fine. I'm way, way ahead on cost compared to even the more reasonable batteries out there.

I'll stick to my Turnigy and Zippy lipos.

I find it interesting that some didn't read/check HK's warranty rules. I mean isn't there a metric ton of "buyer beware" clues on thier website???

Red Flag #1: Goofy, cheap looking website.
Red Flag #2: Pics of Chinese models hoding products.
Red Flag #3: Ships from China, a Godless nation where the Communist Goverment executes women and children for fun.
Red Flag #4: Too cheap to be true.

How many clues deos it take before you think " Hmmmm, I better read the rules on the site and reviews at Rctech???"

I was pretty sure I was going to get ripped when I did my first order. But I'm pleasantly surprized that they've sent me good stuff so far.

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