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Originally Posted by tb62 View Post
Buyer Beware. New to RCs & to this forum but have gleaned info over the last few months (thank you) and wanted to pass along a word of warning dealing with As I understand it, all LIPOs come from the same couple of factories so I figured I'd look for the best deal. Long story short - I ordered 2 LIPOs from hobbyking and when I finally got around to soldering connectors, I found 1 battery was no good. Shame on me, it was after their 30 day warranty on LIPOs that I discovered the problem.

Knowingly taking the risk, my buddy & I ordered 4 LIPOs. He had no problem. Upon testing, I had another bad battery. It was well within 30 days so I emailed hobbyking for support. I was told that because I did not notify them of the battery problem THE DAY they were delivered, this was not under warranty. Nowhere on their site does it indicate a warranty for LIPO must be made the day of delivery.

I ordered 6 batteries and 2 were bad. Even if they would have warrantied them, I would have paid for shipping back to Hong Kong (+$25) which is more than the battery is worth.

Something to consider when dealing w/ offshore internet suppliers.
Does anyone know for sure that all lipos come from the same couple of factories? Anybody know the names these factories? Who are the biggest lipo battery manufactures in china?
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