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Well after reading this entire thread, I believe it can be summed up like this:

1. Beware of buying cheap batteries...sometimes you get what you pay for.

2. On the other hand, even if 1 out of 3 are bad, its still cheaper to order from HK.

3. Majority of buyers have had positive experience with the HK lipos, few others have not and that's always discouraging to those few.

PS- I am one of those few. I ordered 4 Turnigy...registered all 4 within 24hrs.
One of them puffed on the first "balance charge". HK said if you use the battery or charge it=warranty voided. So without a voltage check right out of the box, the warranty is worthless.

Two of the remaining usable three will not balance during the balance charge. I end up having to leave them on a balancer over night and recharge/cycle to get them matched up. Hey, at least one of them works right for $100!
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